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 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

package androidx.interpolator.view.animation;

 * Interpolator corresponding to {@link android.R.interpolator#fast_out_slow_in}.
 * Uses a lookup table for the Bezier curve from (0,0) to (1,1) with control points:
 * P0 (0, 0)
 * P1 (0.4, 0)
 * P2 (0.2, 1.0)
 * P3 (1.0, 1.0)
public class FastOutSlowInInterpolator extends LookupTableInterpolator {

     * Lookup table values sampled with x at regular intervals between 0 and 1 for a total of
     * 201 points.
    private static final float[] VALUES = new float[] {
            0.0000f, 0.0001f, 0.0002f, 0.0005f, 0.0009f, 0.0014f, 0.0020f,
            0.0027f, 0.0036f, 0.0046f, 0.0058f, 0.0071f, 0.0085f, 0.0101f,
            0.0118f, 0.0137f, 0.0158f, 0.0180f, 0.0205f, 0.0231f, 0.0259f,
            0.0289f, 0.0321f, 0.0355f, 0.0391f, 0.0430f, 0.0471f, 0.0514f,
            0.0560f, 0.0608f, 0.0660f, 0.0714f, 0.0771f, 0.0830f, 0.0893f,
            0.0959f, 0.1029f, 0.1101f, 0.1177f, 0.1257f, 0.1339f, 0.1426f,
            0.1516f, 0.1610f, 0.1707f, 0.1808f, 0.1913f, 0.2021f, 0.2133f,
            0.2248f, 0.2366f, 0.2487f, 0.2611f, 0.2738f, 0.2867f, 0.2998f,
            0.3131f, 0.3265f, 0.3400f, 0.3536f, 0.3673f, 0.3810f, 0.3946f,
            0.4082f, 0.4217f, 0.4352f, 0.4485f, 0.4616f, 0.4746f, 0.4874f,
            0.5000f, 0.5124f, 0.5246f, 0.5365f, 0.5482f, 0.5597f, 0.5710f,
            0.5820f, 0.5928f, 0.6033f, 0.6136f, 0.6237f, 0.6335f, 0.6431f,
            0.6525f, 0.6616f, 0.6706f, 0.6793f, 0.6878f, 0.6961f, 0.7043f,
            0.7122f, 0.7199f, 0.7275f, 0.7349f, 0.7421f, 0.7491f, 0.7559f,
            0.7626f, 0.7692f, 0.7756f, 0.7818f, 0.7879f, 0.7938f, 0.7996f,
            0.8053f, 0.8108f, 0.8162f, 0.8215f, 0.8266f, 0.8317f, 0.8366f,
            0.8414f, 0.8461f, 0.8507f, 0.8551f, 0.8595f, 0.8638f, 0.8679f,
            0.8720f, 0.8760f, 0.8798f, 0.8836f, 0.8873f, 0.8909f, 0.8945f,
            0.8979f, 0.9013f, 0.9046f, 0.9078f, 0.9109f, 0.9139f, 0.9169f,
            0.9198f, 0.9227f, 0.9254f, 0.9281f, 0.9307f, 0.9333f, 0.9358f,
            0.9382f, 0.9406f, 0.9429f, 0.9452f, 0.9474f, 0.9495f, 0.9516f,
            0.9536f, 0.9556f, 0.9575f, 0.9594f, 0.9612f, 0.9629f, 0.9646f,
            0.9663f, 0.9679f, 0.9695f, 0.9710f, 0.9725f, 0.9739f, 0.9753f,
            0.9766f, 0.9779f, 0.9791f, 0.9803f, 0.9815f, 0.9826f, 0.9837f,
            0.9848f, 0.9858f, 0.9867f, 0.9877f, 0.9885f, 0.9894f, 0.9902f,
            0.9910f, 0.9917f, 0.9924f, 0.9931f, 0.9937f, 0.9944f, 0.9949f,
            0.9955f, 0.9960f, 0.9964f, 0.9969f, 0.9973f, 0.9977f, 0.9980f,
            0.9984f, 0.9986f, 0.9989f, 0.9991f, 0.9993f, 0.9995f, 0.9997f,
            0.9998f, 0.9999f, 0.9999f, 1.0000f, 1.0000f

    public FastOutSlowInInterpolator() {