Official Description: Android Room-Common

CommonsWare’s Notes

Android has SQLite APIs for accessing local SQLite databases. These APIs are a bit old and clunky to use.

To address that, Google created Room. Room provides a better object-oriented API around SQLite, so you can more easily create Java/Kotlin classes that represent your tables and your overall database.

This particular library — room-common — will be used by all apps using Room, though you will usually get it via a transitive dependency from some other library (e.g., room-ktx for Kotlin extensions).

CommonsWare’s book, Elements of Android Room, explores Room in great detail.

As with many of the Jetpack components, Room came before the Jetpack and the move to the androidx namespace. If you see blog posts, tutorials, and such that refer to android.arch classes, that would be from the pre-Jetpack edition of Room. While the concepts have remained the same, the API will have changed somewhat in the intervening years.