Navigation, Core, Camera, and Compose Updates

Navigation 2.2.2 is out, along with 1.1.1 versions of Preference and VersionedParcelable:

Core 1.3.0 entered RC status, as did Security 1.0.0 and SwipeRefreshLayout 1.1.0:

New betas include Camera (partially),

New alphas include (the rest of) Camera, some of Core, Navigation, Wear, and WebKit:

Note that androidx.core:core-animation, androidx.core:core-animation-testing, and androidx.vectordrawable:vectordrawable-seekable are new artifacts.

Also, Jetpack Compose and the Compose UI artifacts are up to dev09:

Note that androidx.ui:ui-livedata, androidx.ui:ui-text-android, androidx.ui:ui-rxjava2, and androidx.ui:ui-text-core are all new artifacts.