Navigation 2.3.0 Leads New Stable Releases

The Navigation component reached a stable 2.3.0 release, to go along with stable releases for customview, drawerlayout, emoji, slidingpanelayout, and swiperefreshlayout:

In terms of RC releases, it’s all about the W’s: wear, webkit, and work:

concurrent-futures and tracing are our new main beta releases:

camera has a mix of alpha and beta releases, because camera is weird:

lifecycle, paging, and recyclerview are the big names in the alpha releases, along with biometric, browser, media, media2, and transition:

Note that androidx.transition:transition-ktx is an new artifact.

Finally, Compose and Compose UI step ahead to dev14:

Note that the next scheduled Compose release is July 22nd, as they are skipping one of their normal bi-weekly releases.