Late-July Artifact Wave

We had not gotten much in the way of new artifacts, outside of IDE-related ones, since late June.

Apparently, Google was busy during that period. 🎉

We got a mammoth dump of new Jetpack artifacts today, though most are pre-release.

The only stable releases are for WorkManager and Core:

We have new RCs for AppCompat and Concurrent-Futures:

We have new Transition betas:

CameraX remains strange, with a mix of alphas and betas:

Most of the updates are alphas, including Hilt, Lifecycle, Paging, RecyclerView, and Room:

Note that is a new artifact.

Finally, on the Jetpack Compose front, dev15 is out. However, as part of that, they are undergoing a complete overhaul of the artifact groups and names. I suppose that it is better to do that now rather than later, but, 😒.

So, technically, a bunch of these dev15 artifacts and groups are new: