Late-October Artifact Wave

The bi-weekly Jetpack release train continues!

We have new stable releases for constraintlayout, startup, and tracing:

media2 is up to an rc01:

Betas include browser, print, and work:

The wear group has a mix of alphas and betas:

A bunch of those are new artifacts:

androidx.wear:wear-complications-data androidx.wear:wear-complications-provider androidx.wear:wear-watchface androidx.wear:wear-watchface-complications-rendering androidx.wear:wear-watchface-data androidx.wear:wear-watchface-style

Standard alphas include games and paging:

Jetpack Compose is up to alpha06:

And we are starting to get Compose-adjacent artifacts! androidx.navigation:navigation-compose and androidx.paging:paging-compose debuted, to allow us to use Navigation and Paging within our composables: