Mid-December Artifact Wave

Room has a new 2.4.0 stable release, and Annotation-Experimental and SQLite also have stable releases:

Car, Emoji2, and Wear have a mix of stable and alpha releases:

A whole bunch of stuff has new RCs, including Compose, Hilt for Compose, LocalBroadcastManager, Navigation, Preference, ProfileInstaller, SlidingPaneLayout, and Window:

Games has a mix of alphas and betas:

We have new alphas for Annotation, Benchmark, Camera, CoordinatorLayout, Core, MediaRouter, Wear for Compose, and Wear-Watchface. We also have alphas for two new groups: DragAndDrop and Glance, the latter being for app widgets and watch tiles:

In addition to those two new groups, androidx.core:core-remoteviews is a new artifact within Core.