First 2023 Artifact Wave

Welcome to 2023! 🎉

AppCompat, Room, and SQLite have new minor-version stable releases:

Compose, ProfileInstaller, and Wear Compose each have new stable patch releases plus a new alpha:

Note that we got a new Compose BOM in there: androidx.compose:compose-bom:2023.01.00.

WebKit has a new RC:

Browser and HealthServicesClient each have new betas:

New alphas are out for Activity, Annotation, Arch Core, Benchmark, Core, Emoji2, Games, Health Connect, Lifecycle, Startup, Test, and Tracing:

We also got a bunch of new stuff! androidx.annotation:annotation-jvm is a new artifact in an existing artifact group. And we got new artifact groups for androidx.credentials,, androidx.privacysandbox.sdkruntime, and androidx.wear.protolayout: