Official Description: Android Paging-Common

CommonsWare’s Notes

This is the core artifact for the Paging component, which tries to make it easier for you to consume content on a paged basis. In practice, this is fairly easy to do with Room as a backing store, as you can have a Room DAO return a DataSource.Factory and Room handles all of the paging complexity. In principle, you can create your own DataSource and DataSource.Factory implementations that can wrap page-at-a-time Web service calls and the like, but this is fairly complicated to get right.

If you intend to consume the paged data in a RecyclerView, the artifact that you want is paging-runtime, which contains the PagedListAdapter that you will want to use. paging-runtime pulls this artifact in by transitive dependencies.

As with many of the Jetpack libraries, all the Paging libraries were originally released as part of the Architecture Components. If you see articles referring to android.arch.paging, that is the Architecture Components’ edition. The concepts have remained the same, and much of the API will be the same, but do expect minor differences.

More articles can be found in paging-runtime, particularly ones that focus on consuming page data via a PagedListAdapter and a RecyclerView.