Compose, Room, Media2, and More Released

It appears as though the first Jetpack Compose artifacts have been released:

It is unclear if they are ready for use and what their requirements are (e.g., do they work with ordinary Android Studio, and if so, which version?).

We also have a new androidx.ui artifact group, with similar 0.1.0-dev01 artifacts:

From the standpoint of most developers, those too are part of Jetpack Compose, in effect. They provide the core analogs for the widgets and containers that we are used to, in the form of @Composable functions.

Other final releases include Media2 1.0.1 and Room 2.2.0:

Among the RC releases we have the BiometricPrompt backport, ExifInterface, and the under-documented androidx.enterprise artifacts:

We are drowning in new beta releases:

And we have new alphas of CameraX and WorkManager: